Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Big Building Project

Yesterday while Doug did all the driving of Sam etc. I spent the day in the GARAGE building.  I have been wanting to try my hand at building a table for a while now so using Restoration Hardware's Farmhouse Salvaged Wood Table as my inspiration I built my own version.

Here is their version:

Of course my wood is a bit less substantial, and my table is also a bit smaller ( my table top measures 72" X 33"with no leaves), the cost of mine was about $120 vs. their $2000 + !!

I used basic 2 X 4's, 1 X 4's, 1 X 6's and 1 X 8's.  I chose inexpensive wood because this was practice.  I like how it came out though, and I might try it again with thicker and better quality wood. What you see in the following pictures took me about 7 hours which included only two trips to Lowe's!   I stained both the top and base and then used whitewash over the stain on the base to give it a weathered look - not sure I accomplished that but I like it!  This week I will put a finish on it.  I'll be back with the final reveal later this week.

Excuse the messy garage - I will take a few better staged pictures later this week when the table is finished!  Have a great week.

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