Sunday, August 18, 2013

This 'N That

This has been a very busy summer in the garage! 
While I was building furniture for my sister's Lake House
I managed to squeeze in a few other projects.
Both my Mom and I had knee surgery this past spring.
My mom had both knees replaced and I had arthroscopic surgery.
I made this little device so we could do some of our exercises.

With some left over particle board, from making platform beds for my sister,
I designed these work tables.
 There is a hinge in the middle and one side folds on top of the other. 
On the side that folds over I installed the legs with a hinges and a lock to hold them in place.
When the legs are folded down the table takes up half the space.
I made two tables one 29" high and one 24" high.  The lower table slides under the higher one.
This gives me lots of table space but when they are not in use
they don't take up too much space in the garage!
Here is the lower table already being put to work.
I will be posting on this desk makeover later this week.
I love the height for painting furniture - it isn't as hard on my knees!

My parents asked me to build them a little table to use in their den to hold some
files that were on the floor.  Here is what I designed and made.
I bought the legs and used wood I had in the garage for the top and aprons.
I stained the top and painted and distressed the bottom.

Thanks for stopping by!
 I will be back later this week with pictures of the furniture I made for the Lake House in the house!!!
 My whole family enjoyed a wonderful week at the Lake House earlier this month!

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  1. WOW!! I'm amazed at what you build.... great work. I'd mess up the measurements and prob cut a finger off. HA!!!