Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snowed In!!!

We have had a crazy winter and it has been too cold to work in the garage :(
I did manage a few small projects so I thought I would share!

First up a bedside charging box for my phone and iPad!
All the cords are hidden in the box and I finished it to match the bed :)
Looks better than all the cords I used to have there.


 Next up - an iPad stand for the kitchen.
I got this idea and plan from one of my favorite blogs Shanty 2 Chic!

When the iPad isn't in the stand it is a small chalkboard!

 This last project is one I started last summer.  This is a stool from Doug's parents.
I took it all apart, cleaned up the finish on the wood and then cleaned up the white stool.
The top stool was orange which did not match my decor so I put new fabric on it.
I love how it came out!

 Thanks for stopping by!   Let's hope this cold weather ends soon :)

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