Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lot's Been Happening in my Garage

I have been very busy in my "Garage" for the last few weeks!!

Here is what has been happening:

This isn't very exciting but it was lots of work.  Now I have a wonderful organized workshop!

Our garage was filled with garage sale items and lots of lawn equipment, golf clubs - you name
it so I got organized, had a very successful garage sale and now I have this:

A place for all my tools:

Plenty of space to store wood and projects:

And best of all the rest of the garage is empty, so there is room to move my work tables around when I am working on projects, but they can be easily folded and put away when we need room for all 3 cars in the garage - everyone is happy!!!
In my last post I showed you  the bench I made for the back hall.
Here is the hall before and after:
The other project that I have been working on for a while is refinishing my Aunt Cris' table.  It is a maple table and was finished with the spray on maple finish like many pieces of it's age as you can see from the before picture.

  Here are the pieces all ready to go. I hope to get a picture of it all put together
in her dining room when she gets it home!
Here is the top looking good spread out on my ping pong table!
The table is drop leaf with three drop in leaves.

Here is the bottom painted a satin black.

OK - So now we are up to this week!!
It has been an exciting September for our Bell Choir with three grand babies being born.
You saw the box I made Madelyn and here are three more.
Two little boys have been born and I thought Paxton's big sister needed one too!!!
Now for today!!!
I have been playing around with building a trestle table for some time now.
I have found lots of inspiration on the web - two blogs in particular:
I have also looked at the tables in Pottery Barn, Arhaus Furniture and Restoration Hardware.
So . . . today I decided to build.
I have the bottom done and now I need to build the table top.
 I plan to make it approx. 72" X 36".
I am excited about how it came out so here is a preview.
I laid some boards on top to get the idea of a table top.

It still needs lots of sanding and then I think I will paint the bottom black
and stain the top a brownish gray!!   What do you think?
Well that's all for now.  I will be working on a project for Emmy this weekend and
then back to the workshop next week!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow Gretchen, I'm impressed with the building projects and the garage. Looks great. You know my garage could use a once over....
    Thank you for my beautiful 'drawer' and the other goodies, but especially the sentiment behind it. Love ya,

  2. I have a table almost just like that drop leaf table that has a formica top. I would love it to look like this. What did you do to the top? Thanks and great work!

    1. Christine - Thanks for stopping by. The drop leaf table in this post has a wood top so I stripped, sanded, stained and coated it with Minwax Polycrylic. Check out my post titled "Dinner for Two" - that table had a Formica top but all I had to do was give it a good cleaning. Hope this helps!